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Public Housing
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Public Housing Waiting List: Open

We require the following information in order to process you application:
• Government Issued Photo Identification for every member 18 years or older (example, passport, drivers licenses , state Photo ID)
• Social Security Card for all members of the household
• Birth Certificates for all household members under the age of 18 years
• Income verification – 60 days of paycheck stubs or your social security or disability award letter
o If you recently gained employment and do not have 60 days of paycheck stubs, please provide as many paycheck stubs as possible
o If you are unemployed and do not currently have income, please complete the application and contact the office at 417-475-3195
You can email the above information to, you can text this information to 417-312-7190 or 918-384-9711 or you can mail or bring the information to the office located at 624 Johnson Drive, Noel, Mo 64854

Additional Requirements:
• Head of Household must maintain all utilities in their name
• Any previous balance owed to any Public Housing Authority must be paid in full
• All adult members of the household must sign applicable release forms
• Criminal Background check will be completed on each adult member of the household
• Security deposit will have to be paid in full before being housed ($125.00 for elderly or disabled, $400.00 for all other tenants)

Important things to know:
• The Noel Housing Authority will do inspections of the unit at 1-3 months, 6 months and annually based on HUD regulations and guidance
• The Noel Housing Authority has instituted a smoke -free policy. Smoking is not allowed within any living unit, indoor area, administrative office and community buildings
• The Noel Housing Authority will review rental history in making the decision on eligibility

If you agree to all the above, you can start your application for housing by clicking on the Start Application button.

To start your application for housing, click the Start Application button.